Bangkok // Part 2

Rented a 7 seater van for 2000 baht for the whole day. So first stop was to my favorite land, Hello Kitty Cafe. It's not the first time i been there, and i got to say i don't really fancy the desserts there, is pretty sweet. #icanttakeit.

Didn't stay for a long period of time though, left after 30 minutes to Chinatown (not the Singapore chinatown uh)... LOL. Usually i been here during the night, and it definitely looks better at night. Supposingly wanted to get some stuff at the pig signboard shop, but it only opens at 5, so we decided to come back later for it.

Visited a temple near Terminal 21, looks really pretty though. And off to Terminal 21! Other than the fact that the toilets are pretty cause it follows by the Country, most of the stuff there are almost the same as Singapore.

My loots for today. #didn'tspentmuchtimeshopping

What's better than having the wanton mee before kicking start your shopping adventure at Platinum. I got to say that not all will like the wanton see here. But personally i really like it and i even had 2 bowls. #soproudofmyself.

I believe most of you know Platinum right, is like a must go mall in Bangkok! Haha, so i spent like hours shopping inside trying to find the best deals and stuff. #supertiringbutworthit. Had our dinner before heading back to hotel to rest and packed to checkout the next day.

Finally, the last day.

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  1. OMG missing so much of Bangkok after keep reading so many blog reviews. Shopping is never been enough for girls =D