" Irén believes that every woman
can look good while doing what
they do best - multitasking. "

So for those of you who have no idea or never heard of them before, Let me tell you their Love Story behind the creation of this. IRÉN Skin was launch in 2017 by Eric Tan, who created Irén out of his love for his wife. The launch was made all the more sweet with the arrival the same month of their first baby, after struggling to conceive a child over their 15 years of marriage.

“Behind every successful man, there is a supportive woman. Behind every beautiful woman, there is a man who cares for her. I created Irén out of my love for my wife and that I could also offer to busy woman like her,” Eric explained."I believe that busy women should not take too much time to look beautiful, as they have more important things to be taken care of. So I wanted to create a time-saving skincare for busy women. And this is how Irén is born."

Irén’s range of products is clinically proven and researched for over 10,000 hours. They are available for purchase at Face Shower Bar by Irén at Citylink Mall, #B1-17A. Or even so, Feel free to pop-by to get your cleanest skin quickly with no extraction. Once you are in, you will be presented with an iPad to answer a series of questions about their lifestyles and skin concerns. These questions help the beauty advisors to make the best customisations to the facials to address those concerns. They will then explain the procedures to you before beginning the treatment.

The signature treatment is the Quick Shower Facial ($90, first-time trials at $48). ​This quick yet efficient 30-minute facial therapy uses an exfoliation technology called hydra-dermabrasion to give skin a thorough power wash, removing clogged pores and blackheads with no downtime. It follows a three-step patented DermaSOS programme formulated together with a researcher from A*STAR. After the Quick Shower Facial, customers can also opt for the Quick Shower Boosters add-ons, with treatments such as Push Me Up, which tightens the skin that promises instant results, to the Eyebag Zapper, which helps to eliminate eyebags and wrinkles. Prices for the Quick Shower Boosters ranges from $40 to $70.

Irén Skin Vaporizer
Skin Vaporizer enables the most immaculate even application of your skincare products with a single button operation. With no hand-to-skin contact, your skincare product can now be delivered to your skin bacteria-free. The ultra-high pressure can go up to 85kPa, enabling deeper skin penetration.

Irén Serums
Serums are like skin antidotes. Serums often contain powerful active ingredients which can penetrate right into the skin to target specific skin problems. IRÉN has released a series of serums, with each targeting a specific concern. My concern are on the whitening, soothing and anti-acne serum. The serums have a watery formula which absorbs very quickly into my nutrient-deprived skin. My favorite serum thus far is the whitening serum, because it's a deep-penetrating serum targeted to promote skin glow and lighten pigmentation spots. Helps to reveal flawless skin, evening out pigmentation and acne scars. Yuzu superfruit oozes a high level of vitamin C that brightens skin, and supported by other potent ingredients in this formulation to stop the production of tyrosinase.

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